Installing and maintaining an irrigation system for your lawn as well as your landscape beds is one of the best ways to protect your investment in your property. Our automatic watering systems are not only convenient but also effective for keeping your grass, plants, and flowers happy. We can handle your irrigation needs whether you need a full sprinkler system installation or a simple repair.

Why Choose Egypt Creek Over Other Landscaping Companies?

  • Our irrigation systems are designed with horticultural expertise. (Your landscape beds have different irrigation needs than your lawn.)
  • Our systems reduce water consumption when compared with hand watering with a hose.
  • We seasonally adjust our systems for Michigan’s ever-changing weather.
  • Our systems are fully guaranteed.
  • The professionals maintaining our systems are experienced and well-trained.
  • We’ll activate your system in the spring, maintain through summer, and winterize it in the fall.

Contact us today for irrigation and other lawn care services.