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Why should you have to spend hours on lawn maintenance just to enjoy a beautifully landscaped and maintained yard? With help from the lawn care professionals at Egypt Creek, you can worry about the demands of your everyday life while we take care of your landscape.

When you join our Lawn Maintenance program, we provide regularly-scheduled maintenance visits by our landscaping professionals. Whether your lawn needs to be mowed, fertilized, and weeded, your trees trimmed, shrubs pruned, landscape bed maintained, irrigation system monitored, or seasonal color displays designed and installed, Egypt Creek can handle everything so you don’t have to.


  • Weekly Lawn Mowing: Every visit, our team will: cross-cut mow your lawn; edge all of your concrete surfaces; trim around the property perimeter, your home, your landscape beds, and your trees; and finish by blowing your hard surfaces as well as your lawn clean so no buildup of grass occurs.
  • Spring Leaf Cleanup: This service provides our customers that needed touch up following the hard winter months. We will remove leaves and other winter debris from your lawn and landscape beds. All concrete walks, drives, and patios are also mechanically edged.
  • Fall Leaf Cleanup: In an effort to protect your grass and maintain a clean appearance as leaves begin to fall, our fall cleanup service includes the removal of leaves, sticks, and other debris from your lawn and landscape beds. We typically recommend three to four cleanups during late October and November.
  • Seasonal Color Displays (i.e.: Annuals, Perennials, Holiday Décor, etc.)
  • Grub Control

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